Festival Glitter - CNK3001 Chunky Purple UV Glitter

Festival Glitter - CNK3001 Chunky Purple UV Glitter


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These custom blended festival glitters are were invented especially to bring the craic.

They are a mix of large and small cosmetic glitter.

Sometimes you just need a massive tub of glitter, when the tiny little pots just aren't going to cut it, and festivals are usually that time.

This custom green blend has lots of big and small glitter with lots of different shades of green, gold, jade, navy, etc mixed together. This give it a multi dimensional tone when applied.

The St Patrick's Day glitter tubs are plastic and have an aluminium screw top.

About our festival Glitter

Our glitters are made of 100% Polyethylene Terephtalate in various sizes and safe to use on skin and hair.

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