Mehron Liquid Makeup – Glow-in-the-Dark (30 ml)


Mehron liquid make up is very versatile which can be used straight out of the bottle with brush or a sponge or thinned and used with your airbrush. It applies clear with a slight green tint, and glows green in the dark after exposure to normal light. Glows for up to 10 minutes, depending how long it is “charged” in normal light. Mehron liquid makeup has vibrant color, opaque coverage and dries almost instantly to a smudge free no cracking finish. Standard applications range from 100+ faces for the and for body painting applications range from 1-10 half bodies per 4 oz bottle. It is ideal for face painting a large number of people at carnivals, festivals, fairs or other group activities. This professional liquid makeup made by mehron, the leading theatrical makeup manufacturer in the usa since 1927, is made from quality fda approved ingredients. This is the same professional liquid makeup used around the world by performers in television, film and theater for face, body and hair. This long lasting formula stands the test of long work days on the sets of major motion pictures and is available in twenty four colors. Entertainers throughout the industry have trusted mehron for over eight decades, you can trust the quality of mehron makeup too.

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