Mixing Palette & Spatula by BoozyshopMixing Palette & Spatula by Boozyshop
  • Mixing Palette & Spatula by Boozyshop
  • Mixing Palette & Spatula by Boozyshop

Boozyshop Mixing Palette & Spatula


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Boozyshop Transparent Makeup Mixing Palette & Spatula is a clever and hygienic make-up tool! With the included spatula, you apply your favorite make-up products to the palette, then mix and apply it on your face. This way, bacteria do not get a chance to come into contact with your make-up, so that it lasts longer. This tool is not only hygienic, but also looks professional!

Thanks to the transparent design, you can immediately see whether the customized shade matches your skin color. Applying makeup and mixing on the top of your hand is now a thing of the past! Both the palette and the spatula are easy to clean and ready for the next make-up routine in no time.

You should not miss this!

This make up tool:

  • convenient and hygienic
  • ideal for applying and mixing make up
  • ensures that your make-up lasts longer
  • looks professional
  • transparent design
  • easy to clean

How to use:

  • Put your finger through the opening of the palette.
  • Apply your make-up to the palette with the metal spatula.
  • You can then mix your products and apply from the palette.

Dimensions: Palette 10 x 15 cm. / Spatula 16 cm.

About Boozyshop

For more info about Boozyshop check them out on Instagram here.

Beautiful products, affordable prices and the most amazing brands that you can hardly find in Dutch stores: welcome to Boozyshop! Since 2008, our team has been working hard every day to find you the latest collections, finest care and most beautiful brands. And we are more than proud of our offer: Boozyshop is number one of its kind!

From attic room to number one of its kind

In 2008 Maaike founded Boozyshop, working hard from her attic room at home. Her passion for trade and makeup grew, and so did Boozyshop! The attic room quickly became too small, as did the first office. The current warehouse has recently been expanded, as our range continues to grow… and not just with existing brands!

Boozyshop own collections

Since 2021, the Boozyshop brand has been expanded with two beautiful new collections. You can now shop your favorite transparent make-up and the best skin care from Boozyshop itself. How cool!? Besides that we are very proud of these collections, our own make-up brushes, fake eyelashes and accessories also deserve a place in the sun. Products of the highest quality, for the best price: that is what Boozyshop stands for.

Valhalla for make-up and skincare

What started as a webshop for the most beautiful make-up has now grown into a true Valhalla for everything that makes your heart beat faster: hair care, accessories and skin care, nothing is too crazy at Boozyshop! We keep up with the latest trends, which makes us very dynamic. Looking for the latest items? You've come to the right place!

For everyone

We at Boozyshop strongly believe that makeup is suitable for everyone, regardless of gender, skin color or identity. In addition, shopping should be a real party, which is why we stand for fast delivery, personal service and just that little bit of extra attention that you do not expect. It is right that you are eagerly waiting for your pink package!

The hard work is more than worth it, because our customers are very enthusiastic. To crown our work, we have already won the ABN Amro Webshop Awards twice in the category “personal care”, something for which we are very grateful!

Welcome to #makeupheaven! <3


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