Unicorn Snot- Lip Glitter PrimerUnicorn Snot- Lip Glitter Primer
  • Unicorn Snot- Lip Glitter Primer
  • Unicorn Snot- Lip Glitter Primer

Unicorn Snot- Lip Glitter Primer


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Looking to create over the top glitter effects? You'll need a primer for that! This lightweight, cotton-candy scented primer from Unicorn Snot is the perfect base... wherever you need an extra dash of sparkle!

What you get:

4.6ml tube of clear primer with a doe foot applicator.


  • SMUDGE PROOF: Many glitter products fall or wipe off quickly and easily. Unicorn Snot will magically! Stay in place all day and night without irritating your skin.
  • ETHICAL: Vegan and Cruelty Free product.We respect all animals, magical and otherwise.
  • FALL IN LINE: Application easy as 1, 2, 3! First, coat lips with primer using the spongy doe foot applicator. Then choose a color (or all three, get crazy with it) and use the brush's sponge tip to apply. Flip the finish brush over, wipe away the excess sparkles, and MWAH!
  • BEST RESULTS: Swipe our cotton-candy scented primer across your lips to create a smooth base, and apply the loose glitter (sold separately) over the top or use the primer to apply the glitter wherever you need a little extra sparkle.
  • GLITTER BOMB: With lips like these, it's a struggle to look away. Be warned, you might inspire unicorn sighting rumors!

About Unicorn Snot:

The truth is that Unicorn Snot started as a joke. We came up with the name and just thought it was so funny that we had to do something with it but we didn’t know what. We would talk to all of our friends about it and the more we played with the idea, the more we realized that if Unicorn Snot was a real thing, it wouldn’t be gross. It would be beautiful. And magical. But our real “aha moment” came when it dawned on us that, if Unicorn Snot was real - like really real - you’d want to rub it all over yourself. Suddenly it wasn’t a joke anymore.


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