TAP 092 Face Painting Stencil - Swimming Mermaid

TAP 092 Face Painting Stencil - Swimming Mermaid


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What is TAP Stencil Mermaid Stencil best for?

TAP stencils are the ultimate face painting tool. These small face painting stencils are designed to fit around small faces to allow you to create great looking designs with little to no effort on your end. Use them on the forehead between the eyebrows as center pieces, or by the corner of the eyes to decorate the side of the face. When using patterns, you can move the stencil around to cover all of the desired area, don’t get tricked by their size, you can cover a full face with them if you keep on moving the stencil!

The flexible material and rounded shape allow the stencil to curve with the shape of the face and fit in any desired area without any inconvenience. TAP Stencil Mermaid Scales is a fantasy scale design that we think looks great on Mermaid crowns and other mermaid inspired designs.

How to use TAP Face Painting Stencils?

Body Art stencils require some practice to learn how to use them properly, but once you learn how to use them you can get through your face painting line much faster!

You can use them to create very simple designs by just stamping the design featured on the stencil, or you can use them to enhance more intricate face painting designs and add textures or more detailed work to your creations.

Start with a clean stencil and make sure that the skin is nice and dry before you apply the stencil, otherwise the face paint will look runny. Apply the TAP Stencil against the skin and hold it firmly using the tabs provided.

Now is the time to apply the face paint. The best option is to work with pressed powders as they won’t bleed under the stencil. Load a smoothie or velvet blender with some powder and tap over the stencil gently until you have covered the desired area. If you use a primer underneath, like glycerin, Vaseline or just regular face paint, the powders will stick better. If you rather work with water activated face paints, we strongly suggest using a glycerin based paint like Superstar or Paradise. Get your sponge very slightly wet and work the paint into a creamy almost dry consistency. You want to make sure to always work with the least amount of water possible to prevent the paint from bleeding under your face painting stencil. Test the paint on the surface of your hand to make sure it isn’t too wet, and then tap over the surface of the stencil. Always move from the edges of the stencil into the design, so you are not pushing face paint under the stencil.

Using sponges with very small pores is best since they provide a more even coverage and they tend to hold less water. Some people also like to use kabuki style brushes with their stencils, just make sure the brush has a very thin load of paint and it is fairly dry. If you need to cover a larger area of the face you can gently move your stencil as you paint, making sure not to lay the stencil over a freshly painted area, so not to smudge the design underneath.

Once it is time to remove the stencil, let go of one of the tabs, and with your free hand pick the stencil and move it away from the face, making sure not to drag the stencil against the freshly painted area to prevent smudging. Before you use that stencil again, make sure to clean it and let it dry so it doesn’t ruin your next design. Before your first event using stencils make sure to practice painting with them a few times. You will see how quickly you can learn and start getting creative with them.

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