Superstar - Round brush #6 (Nick Wolfe)


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The Superstar Synthetic Round Brush is a high quality handmade brush. Round brushes are the most commonly used brush by face- and bodypainters around the world. They are the best for line work, teardrops, swirls and all of the small details you can think of. But it can also be used to fill in small areas quickly. Our Round Bushes come in a variety of sizes from 0 up to 12 to achieve thinner or thicker strokes. The Superstar Round Brush holds it’s point, the bristles are strong and they glide the paint on the skin.


  • Length brush: 177 mm/7 inch
  • With of the brush body: 4.3 mm/0.17 inch
  • Visible hair length: 19 mm/0.75 inch
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