Superstar Clear Glitter less gel 20ml

Superstar Clear Glitter gel 20ml


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Superstar Glitter gel is a real must have in your make-up kit. You can create sparkling accents in a quick and easy way and is suitable for both skin and hair. The glitter gel can be applied directly.

The Superstar Glitter Gel contains cosmetic grade polyester glitter ( 3 hex ) in a gel base. The gel has been developed in such a way that you can also apply it to the Superstar Aqua Face- and Bodypaint without it dissolving it. In addition, the gel dries quickly. For a super shimmering effect, you can apply an extra layer of loose glitter while the gel is still wet.

Note: Always close the jar tightly so that the gel does not dry out!


You apply the Superstar Glittergel directly to the skin or in the hair with a clean brush or a (disposable) applicator.

Not suitable for use around the eyes.

For hygiene reasons, use a new brush or applicator for each new face.


To ensure that the glitter particles do not end up in the environment, remove the Glittergel with a cotton ball with skin-friendly oil. Then carefully remove the remaining glitter with masking tape or painter's tape.


About Superstar Face Paint

Superstar Aqua Face and Bodypaint is a very user-friendly water make-up of high quality and meets all the strict requirements of the European Cosmetics Legislation (1223/2009 / EC).

The Aqua Face- and Bodypaint is produced in the Netherlands, contains no perfume, parabens and microplastics and has not been tested on animals.

The colours are nice and clear, the make-up works pleasantly and is easy to remove. A thin layer of Superstar Face paint is sufficient to create a nice covering base. The make-up dries quickly and does not stain.

The matt colours are ideal for painting the base and setting lines. Because the glossy colours of make-up are a bit softer, they are very suitable for the basis of your creations.

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