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These latex prosthetics by Senjo Color are handmade in Berlin Germany exclusively for Senjo-Color.

No mass-produced goods off the shelf! Made in Germany by Enrico Lein in small series hand-made for Senjo-Color.


Handmade in Berlin

Transform yourself into a fantasy character with these Elfin Ears.

Simply glue with mastic skin glue and touch up with makeup if neccessary.

The perfect latex applications for stage, show, bodypainting, LARP…

You can also cut the elven ears into the desired shape with the scissors and adapt them perfectly to your ears.

Jewellery elven ears and other latex parts

Elven ears can be used for many festivals. Whether Halloween or theme party, Lord of the Rings evening or school performance, the ears are always popular because they are easy to handle. They are made of pure latex and are fastened with the appropriate mastic skin adhesive. So they keep long and safe. Furthermore, the ears can be over-made if necessary, so that they fit perfectly to the face. If you also need one or the other latex application at some points of the face, you can also find it on our pages.

Elves are popular figures for disguises

Theatre or larp event, our latex parts for elves are always in demand when the topic of fantasy comes up. The magical mythical creatures are popular characters when it comes to dressing up. They are proud creatures who like to be embodied by old and young. We carry a wide variety of ear models, so that elven subgroups with different ears can also be formed. Our products are manufactured in Germany and by hand. They offer a lot of variety: there are only the tips of the ears or beautiful grouping ears – of course all elves ears are long and pointed as they should be.

The latex application of the elven ears is a wonderful gift for children as well as adults. Such ears fit for Halloween as at Christmas or as a present for your birthday. After all, they can also be used for carnival. Large and small models, including closed models, are available for selection.

Elven ears for old and young

Latex is a kind of natural rubber that can normally be worn on the ears without any problems. It is flexible on the one hand, but very stable on the other. The elven ears are therefore durable and quite long-lasting. As parents, give yourself and your children the pleasure of decorating themselves with elven ears. There is a lot of fun waiting for you. Professional theatre professionals also like to use our latex parts, because we offer excellent quality at good prices.

About Senjo Color

The Senjo-Color FX series comprises professional materials for make-up artists for use in film, theatre and show. They are also in high demand from amateurs for Halloween Parties and role plays.

The Senjo Color product range includes face & body paint, latex pieces and a variety of skin adhesives, skinning agents, and artificial blood.

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