ProAiir ProLong Makeup Extender, Barrier Spray & Mixing Liquid

    ProAiir ProLong Makeup Extender, Barrier Spray & Mixing Liquid


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    ProAiir ProLong is three products in one - It works as a barrier spray, extender of ProAiir products without affecting pigment (like a thinner) and acts as a mixing liquid for your mica or glitter powders.
    ProLong is an extender/barrier liquid which will help makeup last longer, even on those that are sweaty.

    ProLong also rehydrates ProAiir makeup without affecting the colors and also helps create a smoother airbrush flow.

    Protects your water-based makeup, but allow to dry before touching.

    Dab on with a sponge to avoid rubbing off underlying makeup.
    Set with baby powder or translucent makeup powders.

    How to Remove

    Soap first, then add water

    Simply rub liquid soap or body gel into lather on skin. Wipe clean with wash cloth or baby wipe or rinse with water. Baby oil or makeup remover work well too. Do not use bar soap with water before applying liquid soap. Body Painting Removal: First, rub liquid soap or body gel into lather on skin OUTSIDE of shower. Step into shower and rinse, gently rubbing with a 'scrunchy', wash cloth or loofa if necessary.

    Check out the waterproof  test

    About ProAiir

    ProAiir was founded by Donna Nowak in 2012 after starting out in airbrushing in the early 1990s.

    Yes, Hybrid is VEGAN.

    When you need the most durable, longest lasting face and body makeup, choose ProAiir from ShowOffs! Hybrid is a must-have for Halloween F/X makeup professionals and it's great for use on prosthetics!

    Benefits of Airbrush

    Did you know by using airbrush you'll decrease the spread of germs, colds and other diseases?

    ProAiir have tonnes of excellent instructional videos on their YouTube Channel which you should definitely check out.

    Shipping restrictions

    Please note there are some restrictions on shipping ProAiir paints abroad as they are alcohol based.

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