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    Special FX Product

    Designed By: Makeup Artist Leanne Courtney

    Summer Crush, by Leanne Courtney, is a  bright rich gradient.  The Deep Merlot edge that mixes with the Magic Magenta creates a gorgeous colour that really makes this cake unique. With Summer Crush, you can paint beautiful butterflies, flowers, unicorn manes, cupcakes, tropical birds and so much more. The Deep Merlot edge also makes painting faster because it can work as the outline of your designs.  Some of the Fusion colours in the cake will glow under black lights.

    Colour Combination: Prime Deep Merlot, Prime Magic Magenta, FX UV Neon Orange, FX UV Neon Yellow, Prime Deep Teal

    How to Apply

    Fusion Body Art’s split cakes just require a flat face painting brush and water to get started. For flowing cheek art designs use a 1” flat brush to load all of the colours in the split cake or use smaller flat brushes to just pick up a few of the colours. Make sure to start with a slightly damp brush and add more water as needed by just dipping one corner of the brush lightly into your water. If you are new to 1 stroke painting, the internet is filled with tons of amazing 1 stroke design ideas to inspire you. This method of painting will save you a lot of time, and it will impress your clients as they watch these beautiful Fusion Body Art colours flow off your brush at the same time.  You can also load your split cakes with small face painting sponges or round daubers. When using sponge, dab the colours onto where you would like them, gently patting back and forth until all of the colours are even and bold.

    ✓  Vegan Friendly  ✓ Not Tested on Animals  ✓   Gluten Free  ✓  Perfume Free  ✓  Paraben Free

    Copyright 2022 Dublin Body Paint
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