Face & Body Paint Teen Summer Camp


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Teens aged 12-16 can join us for this Teen Summer Camp to learn Face & Body Paint skills. You'll be painting your friends arms, cheeks and ears in no time!

This Three-day Summer Camp covers a huge range of topics from different topics over 3 days, mixing a focus on techniques, finished looks, and how to paint with hygiene best practices.

We'll cover:

  • One stroke rainbow painting technique
  • Zombies
  • 3D paint effects
  • Hygiene best practices
  • Linework
  • Colour theory
  • Illusion paint
  • Flowers

Did we also mention that when you come along, we'll give you a brand new face & body paint kit filled to the brim with €60 worth of products? That's a lot of stuff!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today to learn some awesome tricks and techniques!

This course is suitable for students aged 12-16 years.

Students will be painting their own arms, faces and necks and practice boards will also be provided. Students will be asked to wear short sleeved tops to be able to paint their own arms more easily. We will also paint necklaces, so a top without a very high neck will be helpful.


When is it?: 16th - 18th July 2021, 10am-4pm with one hour for lunch.

Where is it?: Dublin Body Paint, 68 Dame Street, Dublin 2

How much is it?: €200 (€60 Kit included)

Please Note that in order to secure a place in the course a Deposit of €50 MUST be paid in advance. The balance will be due by the first day of the course.

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