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We've missed you!! Come back and jam with us at this body painting showcase.

Dublin Body Paint wants to invite you to paint, model the art of body painting with us at this year's Dublin Tattoo Convention in the RDS.

We will have the balcony area upstairs in the main RDS to ourselves, and members of the public are welcome to check out the painting process.

This showcase is only open to models, artists, and photographers who have been to a jam before. If you have been painting/modelling a long time and would like an exemption just let me know, it likely won't be a problem.

I will match up any artists and models who haven't already matched themselves with artists, models and photographers, so don't worry if you just want to sign up on your own. I'll be in touch shortly to introduce you to your artist/model.

We'll be bringing the usual food and snacks, and you bring your creativity.

We'll be painting with the theme of FLOWERS AND SKULLS. It's an extremely popular theme in the tattoo world, and I think we can really play with it. So interpret it in any style you like!

You do not have to do a full body paint. You are welcome to include as much costuming as you like, and if you would rather do a torso or an elaborate face paint/special fx that's also totally fine. You are also welcome to team up with other artists to collaborate on the same model if you choose.

At the end of the body painting jam, there will be a stage show of the models to display your work presented by Nikkie Stones.

Any of the models are welcome to walk/perform as much or as little as they want in the stage show. If you want specific music, that can likely be accommodated in advance.

Cost: Everyone pays the same price: €10 and it will include a free pass to the convention. If you are buying the ticket for yourself and your artist/model you must buy 2 tickets. Everyone pays the same, because everyone is equally important, and is an equally important member of this community and event.

Times: 12-7pm We'll start painting at 12ish and the show should start about 6pm, but that can often change on the day. You will know of any changes when we know.

Date: Sunday 21st November 2021

Location: RDS, Anglesea Rd, Dublin 4, Ireland.


These are the rules set by the event - not my rules. 

As per government guidelines proof of vaccination or proof of immunity will have to be produced to gain entry to the event. Masks should be worn except when eating or drinking.

*Masks should be worn except when eating, drinking, performing or being painted.

If you have any questions at all about the jam, feel free to message the page or email

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