Dublin Body Paint Glitter - MIX1799 (Pink Iridescent Glitter Mix)


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These custom blended festival glitters are were invented especially to bring the craic.

They are a mix of large and small cosmetic glitter.

Sometimes you just need a massive tub of glitter and sometimes you only need a little, so our glitters are available in a variety of quantities.

This custom blend has lots of big and small glitter with lots of different shades mixed together. This give it a multi dimensional tone when applied.

How to use loose glitter

The glitter won't generally just stick to things without help.

There are a few different things you can use with loose glitter to get it to stick:

  1. Put the fine glitter on top of wet paint and it will stay there.
  2. Put it on top of a cream base (grease paint) before you powder it and the tackiness of the cream will hold it on.
  3. A selection of brands make specific glitter gels which are available here
  4. Aloe Vera Gel.
  5. Hair gel (check that they are skin safe)
  6. Liquid Latex. This can be a little harsh on the skin, and some people are allergic, but your glitter WILL NOT MOVE if you stuck it on with liquid latex. Quite messy & the initial smell is intense (but it disappears completely when it dries), so not for the faint of heart.
  7. Eyelash Glue. Similar to liquid latex, but easier to use.
  8. Mix it with a glitter cream base.

We don't recommend using Vaseline just because it melts into your skin as it's absorbed, so it doesn't really last very long.

We also sell a selection of glitter containers if you want to create your own set or consolidate the various glitters you may already have.

Apply with one of our glitter application silicone tools if you have made it into a gel.

About our Glitter

Our cosmetic glitters are made of 100% Polyethylene Terephtalate in various sizes and safe to use on skin and hair.

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