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Body Painting 8 week Evening Course

We are often asked where to start when learning to body paint. There is no one right way or place to start, but we can give you a crash course to get you on the road.

Over this 8 week evening course, we’ll be covering the following:

Tips on what you should have in your kit
Mood boards and face & body charts
Colour theory
Concept development
Brush and line work
Blending and contouring
3D effects
UV body painting

Dates: Starting Tuesday September 24th until Tuesday Nov 19th (with a break on the 29th Oct).

The final class includes a professional photo shoot.

You will need a live model a minimum of 2 nights out of the course. You are responsible for sourcing a model yourself, but we will always try to help you out when we can.
Models do not need to go full nude!
Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions surrounding the course, no matter how big or small.

Cost: €300
Price includes:
All materials are completely covered in the course fee. And you will receive a body painting brush kit when you sign up worth aprox €50.

Payment plans can be easily set up and customised to suit you.

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