Bloomsday Body Painting Jam

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Join Dublin Body Paint this Bloomsday for a celebration of the nutty and absurd in James Joyce’s masterpiece. At this very special jam, artists will be provided with a theme or character from Ulysses for inspiration; whether it’s a two-headed octopus, a circus ringmaster, a zombie, or a talking bar of lemon soap, you can bring your imagination literally to life this Bloomsday. Artists will be matched with models on the day and photographers are invited to join in later to capture this transient art form.

At 4pm, participating models and artists will be invited to join in a street carnival parade through the city to show off their work and help bring the Bloomsday spirit to the streets!

Models: You don’t need to be a ‘model’  to become a model for the day. You are beautiful just as you are. This is a non-judgemental and safe environment so time to enjoy and get creative.

Artists: Whether you fancy picking up a brush for the first time since the Junior Cert, or are a seasoned professional, you are welcome to join in! Artists will need your own body painting kit, but one can be rented from us for the day.

The Facebook event page is here if you’d like to share it with your friends.

Make a day/ night of it:
Each artist, model and photographer will be given a ticket to Bella Cohen’s Bloomsday Blowout Cabaret in No. 22 that evening.


Q Can I come and watch? 
No. This is not a spectator sport. If your name is not on the list then you’re not getting in. Our door man is under strict instructions.

Q Will everyone be running around in the nip? 
There won’t be nudity at this event. You can wear as much or as little as you feel comfortable in.

Q Is there an age limit? 

Yes. Everyone must be over 18.

Q Will I get a lunch break? 

You can take as many breaks as you like between yourself and the person you’re partnered with. We will provide a light lunch of sandwiches, fruit, tea, coffee & bikkies!

Info for artists:

Q I’ve never body painted before, but I’d love to try it out. Can I still come?
Of course! This is a great place to try it out for the first time. There’s no pressure, so you can take your time and work at your own pace. Try out some new techniques , or just wing it and have a bit of an ol’ paint.

Q Will the paint be provided?
We have materials provided for the day.

Info for models:

Q Do I have to be naked?
Not at all! Do whatever you feel comfortable with. Seriously, don’t feel pressured into anything. Keep in mind though, no one is there to judge you. Anyone acting inappropriately will be asked to leave. And seriously, after the first few hours you won’t even notice the bodies, only the art and beauty.

Q So if I’m not naked what will I wear?

We’d recommend a white or flesh coloured cotton thong/g-string. Wear briefs or boxers if it would make you more comfortable. If you get to talk to the artist you’ll be paired up with before the event, lead with this discussion. Some artists like to make a feature out of your underwear, work it into the design, or get a wig in a matching colour. If in doubt bring a few options, perhaps including your favourite pair. Because who doesn’t feel like a million dollars in that special pair of pants?

Q Does the paint wash off easily? 
Sometimes. Some colours can stain. They mostly wash off, but I’m not going to lie – it’s not an exact science. I wouldn’t plan your wedding the following day or the photoshoot for your swimsuit calendar. The blues and blacks are pretty bad, but the glitter can be the worst. You may be sweating glitter for a few days.Or you may be fine.

Q Can I come along and take photos? 
Photographers will join from about 3pm to start taking photos of finished work. Photographers will not be charged.



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