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Beginners Children's Face Painting Workshop

Whether you are a complete beginner or looking to improve your skill in face painting this is the workshop for you!
Throughout the day you will be learning TIGER, BUTTERFLY, PRINCESS & DINOSAUR designs.
We will be starting with line & sponge work & colour combos which will lead into each look.
There is a maximum of 4 students per class.
10am – 4pm
You will be painting your own face and arms on the day, as well as using practice heads and working on reusable practice boards.
We will be adhering to social distancing guidelines in the studio, hence the tiny class sizes. 
You should bring your own paint. We won’t be able to share paint, but I will have some things I can decant for you on the day you can use. But if you have your own kit, it will be a big help to you. It’s also handy to know how to use your own kit, to see what you have and what you might need. If you have no paint at all, we can still make it work, just let me know in advance.
€100 total.
Upcoming dates:
22nd August 2020
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