Bad Ass Stencils BAM 1417 - Peacock Stencil

    Bad Ass Stencils - BAM 1417 - Peacock Stencil



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    Bad Ass Stencils Mini face painting stencils are fab for creating perfect patterns you can replicate at a moment's notice. Perfectly sized to use for face painting.

    Each Bad Ass Mini stencil sheet features a design laid out on a 5 1/2" x 3" mylar sheet.

    Because Bad Ass stencils are made of high quality mylar, they are thin enough to achieve detail designs, flexible enough to use all over the body and still come clean easily!

    How to Use

    They can be used with your airbrush or with a brush and sponge. While these were designed specifically for face painting they can easily be used for any purpose at all!


    Each BAMs sheet features a design laid out on a 5 1/2"x3" mylar sheet. Perfectly sized to use as for face painting.

    How to clean Bad Ass Stencils

    All our stencils are reusable and simply wipe clean.  To clean simply wipe down with soap and water or alcohol. They are also strong enought to be used many, many times and are solvent proof.

    About Bad Ass Stencils

    Bad Ass Stencils help you create face paint, body art texture and pattern designs quickly and easily, and are a great addition to any painters tool box.

    Created by Andrea O'Donnell, with 30 years of creating beauty in various forms. Bad Ass Stencils is a signature line of multi-tasking stencils designed by award winning makeup artist and body painter

    Andrea O'Donnell has been creating living masterpieces all over the country and she has finally launched her own line of practical stencil sheets that make body painting easy and fun.

    These professional airbrush tools can easily be utilized in a multitude of applications on various surfaces using a wide variety of mediums and tools. Each individual sheet consists of a combination of several stencils that include thematically related design elements, patterns, textures and artistic edges. Every inch of these sheets can be fully utilized in your applications, giving you the most bang for your buck! Bad Ass Stencils are made of durable yet flexible 7 mil mylar, a medium weight material as thick as card stock.

    The full range of stencils include the most popular BAMS, BAM Pax, Hot Wings, Bad Ass Full Size, Brow Stencils.

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