At our body painting jams, we will match up artists and models for a day of body painting. Photographers are invited to join us to capture this transient art form on the day. Our main focus is getting you to join us to body paint!

Whether you fancy picking up a brush for the first time since the Junior Cert, or are a seasoned professional, want to strip down to your birthday suit or keep completely covered up - you are welcome to join in.

Everyone will pay a fee to cover the cost of the room, heating, tea, cake etc. €20, or €15 for unwaged persons. We will start at 10am and paint until about 4pm. Then we'll get a group photo and some individual shots before wrapping up. If you would like to join in, and not be involved in any of the photos - that's absolutely fine! No one will ever pressure any artist or model into anything they don't feel comfortable with.

You don't need to be a 'model' to become a model for the day. This is a celebration of the body, in a non-judgemental and safe environment. You are beautiful just as you are, and we would like to invite you to create some art as part of our community.

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No. This is not a spectator sport. If your name is not on the list then you’re not getting in. Our door man is under strict instructions.

Well, they won’t be running… but yes some people will be naked.

€20 each, or €15 for anyone unwaged.

This isn’t a commercial gig. We’re all just here to do a bit of art in an open, supportive and creative environment. We’ll be chatting, hanging out during breaks, and generally having an all-round fun day. It’s an opportunity to meet new contacts and make new friends in this emerging industry.

Yes. Everyone must be over 18.

Yes. There'll be tea, and coffee, and cake, and fruit, and yogurt, and orange juice and lots of things to snack on throughout the day.

Yes. Always plenty of cake.

As long as your email address is linked to a public profile of some kind to confirm your identity then we're laughing. You'll miss out on seeing all the photos from the jam though, but that's your decision.

You need an email address, otherwise how will I send you the pictures afterwards? If you insist, then I will have to charge you double. No I'm not joking. I have zero interest in having anyone show up with an ulterior motive, or using a fake name - and running a background check on your email address/Facebook profile is the easiest way to do this.


Of course! This is a great place to try it out for the first time. There's no pressure, so you can take your time and work at your own pace. Try out some new techniques , or just wing it and have a bit of an ol' paint.

Everyone should bring their own materials.

The first time, you'll no doubt bring the kitchen sink. Not a problem since we have loads of room.

Anything designed for use on the skin, so make up and face paint are good. Acrylic paint is very bad. Dublin Body Paint sell everything you need to start painting. Check out our shop HERE

No problem. 90% of the people here use brush and sponge.

No problem. There are plenty of plugs around the room. You might want to bring an extension cord just in case though

Congratulations on finding that person to inspire you. Just let us know that you won't be needing a model on the day.

Not a problem. Everyone will be asked for a gender preference for their and how strongly they feel about it. You can be matched up with a woman. Alternatively, why not get your husband to model for you?


Not at all! Do whatever you feel comfortable with. Seriously, don't feel pressured into anything. Keep in mind though, no one is there to judge you. Anyone acting inappropriately will be asked to leave. And seriously, after the first few hours you won't even notice the naked bodies, only the art and beauty.

Yes you can.

We'd recommend a white or flesh coloured cotton thong/g-string. Wear briefs or boxers if it would make you more comfortable. If you get to talk to the artist you'll be paired up with before the event, lead with this discussion. Some artists like to make a feature out of your underwear, work it into the design, or get a wig in a matching colour. If in doubt bring a few options, perhaps including your favourite pair. Because who doesn't feel like a million dollars in that special pair of pants?

Unfortunately, yes you will. Well you should probably bring a bathrobe to keep the wind off you.

Sometimes. Some colours can stain. They mostly wash off, but I'm not going to lie - it's not an exact science. I wouldn't plan your wedding the following day or the photoshoot for your swimsuit calendar. The blues and blacks are pretty bad, but the glitter can be the worst. You may be sweating glitter for a few days.Or you may be fine.

Sometimes - it depends where you're standing, and the time of year. The room has lots of heaters, which help a lot. At the last jam we had to turn the heating off because it was too warm. There can be some draughts if you're near a door. I'd recommend wearing a woolly hat to keep the heat in and wearing thick socks. If you have a hot water bottle, you should bring that too.

You should maybe bring a robe for when you're taking breaks.


I'd recommend you bring a camera. Camera phones don't count. Other than that, bring whatever equipment you need. We don't have many extension cords, so don't forget to bring them.

We'll be taking a group shot at 4pm, and you can take portraits before and after that, depending on who finishes early.

I have a camera phone, so I won't insult you by pretending I know anything about photography.

What ever you want to use, you should bring. If you would like me to put you in touch with some of the other photographers to see what they're bringing I can. The walls in the room are white, and there's a few interesting spots around the room to take pics.

Yes there's an area in the back corner where you can set up.

Some yes, some no. Not everyone there on the day will want their photos used afterwards. They are always in the minority though, so you'll still get a huge number of photos to share publicly.

I'll send you a list of the pairings with everyone's name spelled correctly, a physical description, and whether they want their name on the photos. A lot of the models don't want to be tagged, so if you can use that as your go-to status.

Absolutely not. You are literally putting naked pictures of someone online. If they don't want you to do that, then you shouldn't.